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LicenseShareware - Expires in Days: 7 - $19.95
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File Name2007Mahjongg4.exe
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PublishedDec 29, 2007 (8 years ago)

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2007 Mahjongg 4.01

This mahjongg game has OpenGL compatible 3D graphics. It has 6 game modes: Mahjongg, Lines, Tetris, Blocks, Memory and Concentration. Graphics have such features as dynamic projected shadows and reflections. You have a complete control over the game view.
There are shuffle, hint, undo and redo options.
The game has over a 50 layouts and a built-in layout editor to create our own that can be up to 16 levels high and include up to 576 tiles.
It comes with a collection of MIDI classical music and has a slew of themes which include different tiles, backgrounds, tables and sounds.
Click on the tiles by pairs to remove them all. The only condition is that they must both be free : no tile on them, and at least one side free - no tile on their left or no tile on their right, at least in the original rules. The tiles must be identical, except if they belong to a Flower or a Season family. You will find only one tile of each kind, i.e. four season tiles and four flower tiles. For the other kinds of tiles, there are four of each (i.e. two pairs) on the board.
Requirements:P-2 300Mhz, 32Mb RAM
Release Info:Major Update on Dec 26, 2007

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