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LicenseShareware - Expires in 30 Days - $24.95
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PublishedMar 26, 2008 (8 years ago)

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Agnitum Outpost Antivirus Pro 6.7.3

Outpost Antivirus (OAV) delivers efficient protection against viruses and other destructive malware, for one low annual subscription price. It's fast and undemanding, created with latest Windows versions and 64-bit technologies in mind, and due to its simplicity, is suitable for inexperienced users. Outpost Antivirus is the ultimate in standalone antivirus solutions. Here's what you get with Outpost Anti-Virus Pro:

- Efficient virus scanner protecting your PC in real time against a broad range of malware types. Due to SmartScan 3 optimizations, subsequent scans complete much faster because the unchanged portion of the file system doesn't get checked.

- Antivirus updates are released and distributed twice a day on workdays to keep current with the latest threats, while the main virus engine will be automatically updated to the latest version as soon as the corresponding program updates become available.

- Host Protection module, which is an advanced HIPS tool that controls program activity on the PC. It enables a user to block suspicious or unwanted operations that may precede actual infestation with unknown malware instances. This module also ensures that active Outpost protection cannot be compromised by targeted attacks to dismantle it.

- Web safety tools to safeguard your online presence. It will block access to an updatable list of blacklisted Internet domains and limit your exposure to unwanted advertisements and distracting elements such as animations, pop-ups, banners and other clutter.

- Entertainment mode will trigger a switch to "no-questions" mode when you're watching movies or playing games and defer all configurations-related proceeds to a more convenient time.

Try Outpost Antivirus in action and witness the tremendous value-for-money it offers.
Requirements:450 Mhz CPU (x86/x64/multi-core), 256 Mb RAM, 100Mb free disk space
Languages:English, French, German, Russian, Spanish
Release Info:Major Update on Feb 10, 2010
Release Notes:Improved AV engine: security updates are released twice a day on workdays, engine updates distributed and applied automatically through regular updates, improved x-64 compatibility, added support for all Windows 7 versions, extended compatibility with 3rd party apps, minor bugfixes, no-alert mode.
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