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PublishedApr 02, 2008 (8 years ago)

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Apro Firefox Ultimate Optimizer 1.0

This is the must have tool for ANY Firefox user. Firefox is great, but with FireFox Ultimate Optimizer it?s awesome. Gone are the days when Firefox consumes huge amounts of memory, acts sluggish and totally crashes out.

This Firefox tool is not a plugin, but a stand alone application that will optimize Firefox in real time! It Keeps the resource usage very low. For example I had Firefox using 150megs of ram while running, I started up this utility and almost instantly Firefox was using less than 2 megs of ram!

This program was written by Fellipe, but it seems his site is often non-responsive & only in Spanish, therefore we are offering this package with an installer and extra language files. It?s totally free!

Very small program, super easy to install, no real setup needed, run it and it just works.
Release Info:New Release on Apr 02, 2008
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