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PublishedOct 14, 2008 (8 years ago)

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Area Converter Software

Area unit converter application is advance software performs conversion of various land area of different length unit and calculates actual price of land, office, plots, apartments, workplaces, flats, houses and many other properties. Free land area conversion and cost calculator software with superior features beneficial for real estate business and accurately convert area from one unit to another unit area. Real estate unit converter utility supports all versions of windows operating systems like windows 98, MN, NT, XP, 2000, 2003 and Vista. Unit conversion and price calculator tool can transfer one unit of area into number of other higher national and international units and efficiently calculates accurate price of land. Area unit converter application converts area unit of different flats and other properties to and from hectares, acres, square centimeters, millimeters, poles, meters, inches, rods, chains, kilometers, links, yards, townships, perches, sections, rods, points, micrometers, centimeters, meters, leagues (US land), roman miles, leagues, links, hands, feet (US survey), miles, cubits (common), cubits (Greeks), nanometers, geographical miles, roman miles (milia passuum), astronomical units. Length area converter and price calculator utility is available free of cost and easy to install on your Desktop, Laptop systems. Area conversion and cost calculator software is useful in improving your real estate business by instantly converting area unit and exact cost.
* Real estate unit converter tool also provides inbuilt user help manual to assist user.
* Area conversion and cost calculator utility is based on user interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI).
* Land unit converter software can change area into various U.S (Imperial) and SI (Metric) unit.
* Area unit converter program can easily be processed by all technical and non technical users.
* Area conversion and price calculator software requires minimal hardware and software resources.
Requirements:32Mb RAM, 9Mb disk space
Release Info:Major Update on Jan 11, 2008
Release Notes:Added support for Windows Vista
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