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PublishedDec 11, 2009 (5 years ago)

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Astra S-Nesting 2.0.0

Astra S-Nesting software is intended for optimizing true shape nesting. The software can be used for
cutting parts from metal, fabric, leather, wood, glass, stone and other sheet materials.

All the features of Astra S-Nesting software were designed to make the nesting process as quick as
possible. Simple and intuitive tools of Astra S-Nesting allow you to quickly create an order, perform
automatic nesting, manually adjust cutting layouts, if needed, print reports and export layouts to ISO
G-codes, ESSI and DXF for processing with cutting machine.

Parts are imported from DXF files. An order can contain parts of various thicknesses and materials -
the software will automatically sort parts into nesting groups.

Quick automatic nesting allows the software to perform calculations with a high material usage ratio.
If necessary, cutting layouts can be edited manually.

The report generation system creates layout drafts and specifications.
Requirements:Windows XP, Windows Vista
Release Info:New Release on Sep 01, 2009
Release Notes:Astra S-Nesting is intended for true shape nesting. New features have been added: automatic calculate the optimal cutting tool path; manually edit cutting tool path; customize post-processor for different CNC types; output NC data in ISO G-codes and ESSI formats for CNC cutting machines.
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