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LicenseShareware - Expires in 30 Days - $24
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PublishedMar 28, 2004 (12 years ago)

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DDFileCatcher makes lists of files with file properties in different formats. Copy Windows file names and over 700 file properties to the Microsoft Excel and Word. DDFileCatcher recognizes existing file lists in Excel and Word, to add more files to the lists. You can also save file lists to OpenOffice Calc and Write, XML, HTML, CSV or tab-delimited formats, and to the Clipboard, for pasting into documents. Automate collection of files using search instructions, for listing all the files in a folder or in a folder tree, or just pick individually files from one or more folders. With DDFileCatcher, you can take an existing file list document and make it into a template which DDFileCatcher will fill the list with files and the chosen file properties. DDFileCatcher uses several ways of finding files and folders to list, including drag and drop and context menus from Windows Explorer, file and folder dialogs and repeatable saved search instructions. To help you choose from over 700 file properties to display, DDFileCatcher shows you example outputs for each property. All settings can be saved in DDFileCatcher's built-in database for later reuse to repeat file listing tasks.
Requirements:Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista, NET version 4.0
Release Info:Major Update on Aug 18, 2016
Release Notes:Improved startup time and usablitiy.Better template design and creation method.
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