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LicenseShareware - Expires in 30 Days - $9.99
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PublishedDec 14, 2007 (9 years ago)

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Reduces sick leaves and absenteeism, provides relaxation techniques and fitness tips. Worktime ergonomics to prevent stress - Trailored to suit individual needs, Prevents repetitive strain injury - ErgoSense is an innovative ergonomic tool which requires no user input and analyses user real-time work patterns. Once an extended period of activity on the workstation has been detected by ErgoSense, the user is then provided with the set. Ergosense is also able to recognise workstation inactivity(eg- whne the user is away from his/her desk). The software will intuitively conclude from such a interval that an appropriate break from the computer is taking place and defer any future micro-break until workstation activity has resumed.The deployement of ErgoSense,assists in the reduction of stress, fatigue and absenteeism, resulting in employees better able to prolong their attention spans, increase concentration levels and achieve higher performance standards and targets. These carefully tested exercise sets have been proven to relieve the build up of pressure and stress on the tendons and nerves in the hand, wrist, arms, shoulders and neck-aiding the prevention and alleviation of any discomfort, stress and fatigue.The recomended ergonomic exercise sessions have been designed only to appear on the desktop when most needed-after continuous computer activity.
Requirements:Pentium Class or higher,300 Mhz Processor, 64 MB RAM, 20 MB HDD
Release Info:Minor Update on Sep 21, 2007

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