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PublishedAug 11, 2004 (12 years ago)

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Control player functions through gamepads, joysticks, racing wheels, keyboard and mouse or any other combination of input devices that you choose.
Mappable (Bindable) functions include -- Play, Stop, Pause, Next Track, Previous Track, Next Playlist, Previous Playlist, Seek Forward, Seek Backward, Volume Up, Volume Down, Volume Mute, Repeat and Random.
Automatically launches associated playlists when it detects your favorite applications running.
Allows for multiple configurations and the grouping of them based on application types. eg. a config for general use, a config for web browsing, a config for gamepad games, a config for joystick games.
Automatically launches associated configurations when it detects your associated applications running.
Allows for grouping of playlists based on application type.
Convenient icon tray mode keeps player out of the way while still allowing complete control.
Advanced playlist editor.
Perfect for full screen gaming or applications when access to an ordinary players functions is inconvenient or impossible.
Handles many popular audio and video formats including -- mp3, mp2, mpa, wav, au, aif, aiff, snd, wma, avi, qt, mov, mpg, mpeg, m1v, wmv, mid, midi, rmi, jpg, bmp, gif, tga.
Requirements:.Net Framework 1.1, DirectX9.0, .Net Extensions for DirectX
Release Info:New Release on Aug 10, 2004

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