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PublishedJul 18, 2004 (12 years ago)

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ShowFont - Windows Font Lister 1.20

ShowFont is a Windows utility designed to list the fonts available on your system, show some of the characteristic properties of each font, and display a text sample - or character table - for the font. ShowFont provides more detailed information on fonts than conventional font display programs - or the Windows' Fonts applet. This detail includes: Style - Weight & Orientation (Regular, Italic, Bold, etc.); Size - Both Points and Pixel Size (Width x Height); Character Set (ANSI, OEM, SYMBOL, etc.); Pitch (Fixed or Proportional); Type (Raster or Scalable); Family (Modern, Swiss, etc.); Face Name (which is often very different from the File name); Display Name (which often contains more information than the Face name); File Name (as recorded in the Windows' Registry); ShowFont also allows you to: Resize and reposition the dialog; Show just Monospaced (Fixed pitch) or Variable pitch fonts; Show just Raster (bitmapped) or Scalable fonts; Show some sample text - or an ASCII character table, and Edit the sample text. The ShowFont dialog can be resized - and repositioned - even on multi-monitor systems. The program automatically saves your settings and preferences and restores them when it is run again.
Release Info:Minor Update on Feb 18, 2010
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