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PublishedOct 25, 2004 (12 years ago)

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XLnow OnScript 2.1.568

XLnow OnScript is an integrated tool for writing, maintaining and running scripts on Microsoft Windows desktop and server systems. With OnScript you can:

Create VBScript and JScript files, Windows Script Files and Script Components from template files with a predefined structure. Use Wizards to create valid .WSF and .WSH scripts. .BAT, .CMD, .HTA, .TXT and .INI files are supported as well - as are the PerlScript and Python script languages. Add custom file types, for example Transact-SQL.

Edit script documents with the assistance of our optimized-for-scripting customizable syntax coloring, statement completion and pop-up parameter lists. Set bookmarks in your documents, find and replace text and save settings in workspaces.

Easily locate information in the script language help files while editing or when your scripts report errors. Use breakpoints for debugging and manage references to additional help files.
Organize collections of sample scripts, code snipplets and production scripts in libraries and share them with others.

Browse the system's type libraries for COM components and explore their objects, methods and properties. Add code that creates objects and references properties and methods without typing. Register your own Script Component Files and reuse them. Keep frequently used components in the Favorites list for quick access.

Run scripts using the Windows Script Host cscript or wscript commands or by the native OnScript Host. Supply parameters, select jobs and view the script output in OnScript. Interact with idle scripts; build applications with multiple scripts that interact at runtime.

Network Edition: Connect to remote machines on your LAN, WAN or through a VPN and access scripts on their local file systems, all from your desktop. Monitor running scripts and view who started them, when and with which parameters. Get notified of changes to shared script files.
Requirements:Windows Script Host
Languages:English, German
Release Info:New Release on May 30, 2007
Release Notes:Outline VBScript and JScript files: Go to Initialization & Declaration, Find Object/Member or ProgID in Object Browser
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